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Updated: Apr 18, 2020

"Welcome to KayDotLott (KDL) Creative Consulting. We are a modern media agency that specializes in graphic design, branding, social media and client management. We believe that the market isn't oversaturated, and we work with contractors to help clients like you infiltrate your untapped market."

Pretty standard introduction we'd like to say, but that doesn't tell you who we actually are.

To know that, you'd have to know some of our background.

KDL stands for KayDotLott, an alias for our owner's maiden name (K. Lott) and was founded because, in short, our owner could not find a job after graduating from university. After five months of searching, she could no longer just sit back and wait for someone to give her a chance. So she took a chance on herself.

And that came with a lot — and we mean A LOT — of unwarranted opinions. Many of those opinions sounding like,

"The market is oversaturated."

Or at least something along the lines of that nature.

Whether it was doing graphic design work, marketing, her YouTube channel (which keep your eyes peeled for more on that 👀), she was bombarded by the belief that these markets, among others, were simply too saturated for there to be any real success. And for a while, that's what she believed.

But she has learned by action, commitment, and consistency that there is enough in fact PLENTY for everyone! In her words, "We can all eat. It's just a matter of figuring out where you should hunt and who you should hunt with."

For almost five years now, Kayla has been hunting, and she's not going to stop with just feeding herself. She is on a mission to help her clients, contractors, rising entrepreneurs and anyone else who is willing to learn how to master the hunt.

This is just the beginning. There is still a long way to go, but she is excited to have the privilege of walking along with others, like yourself, and it's always easier with a little bit of help.

To find out more about our owner and the origins of KDL, check out our feature on VoyageMIA.

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