Platypus Labs Virtual Inventive Thinking Masterclass

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

I'm going to cut straight to the chase:

If you are in the creativity business, you need to take this masterclass.

Here's why:

It reminds you what this is all about.

So many of us get caught up in the churn-and-burn of our businesses and projects. (I know that agencies can particularly get caught up in the rigmarole.) Most of the time, it's more about getting the content out or the project done more than being about the best idea for the content or the most creative version of the project. This Masterclass used stories, science and strategy to remind us of where true innovation comes from and how to maximize your creative potential.

Moreover, you're reminded of your role as a disruptor. You're not just a graphic designer, creative, business owner or coach. You are an entrepreneur (or maybe a solopreneur), an innovator, a business leader. You have defied the odds and will continue to do so as long as you don't become paralyzed by imaginary boundaries and are aware of environmental changes. (These aren't my words. This is coming straight from the masterclass.)

Our work is more than creativity for creativity's sake. It's for the sake of pushing society forward, onward and upward.

It provides you tangible materials to ignite creativity.

It's more than a creativity talk. They walk you through abstract exercises to encourage better team brainstorming and ideas. The four techniques—The Judo Flip, Option X, Multi-Hand Drawing, and The Borrowed Idea along with a bonus warm-up exercise—encourage use of both sides of your brain while unleashing fresh, unorthodox ideas. Plus, you're free to take them and use them with your team once the class is over!

It elevates your mindset.

This was actually one of the objectives of the masterclass—to strengthen the innovator's mindset. Perhaps in your case, this aspect of the masterclass will serve more as a reminder depending on where you are in your journey. However, they touched on three core mindsets. One of them being fall seven, stand eight.

On the journey of entrepreneurship, it can be easy to focus on what's not working, how far you have to go, how much work you have for the rest of the evening verses focusing on. And that's not the entire journey. You had the guts to start your own venture, to push against the status quo, and begin the quest of a disruptor. It's not a straight path, but with relentless grit, boundless creativity and a great team behind you (hit us up - we'd love to be that great team behind you), you can break any barrier.

So like I said. Take the class.

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