Why Monetizing Your Instagram Is Important

We all know we’re in a pandemic. A ton of us have gotten laid off or furloughed. Unfortunately, there was a rude awakening that taught a lot of us something: to have multiple streams of income.

That has been my theme for 2020. My personal goal was to make sure I had multiple sources of money coming in. At the beginning of the year I thought to myself, what am I good at? What skills do I have? What am I knowledgeable of that I can teach people? And that’s when I launched my e-book that generated over $100,000 in sales in 90 days—ALL through Instagram.

My e-book taught people how to grow a following and monetize their own Instagram in order to effectively sell a product or service. I was teaching others what I learned in the past. Back in 2016, I was an entertainment manager who looked over a few artists’ social media presence. I taught myself how to navigate the Instagram algorithm efficiently.

Because of that, I realized I can create a guide to teach others the skills I knew so they can expand their sources of income as well. I realized the power Instagram had and how important monetizing IG is. Creating a following that pays for your expertise is vital, especially in a pandemic.

We all use social media, so why not capitalize from it? Instead of endlessly scrolling, you can channel that energy into promoting yourself. The great thing about the internet is that it has a global reach. I’ve gotten opportunities and clients from around the world.

Many think that you need a huge following in order to make money. That’s a myth, I can tell you that right now! I personally started turning my followers into leads at around 1,000 followers. And most people following my business page were friends and family. You have to start somewhere.

The most crucial part to earning money on the platform is to create valuable content. My Instagram, for instance, sticks to a theme. I talk about personal finance, real estate, and wealth-building. I always make sure to provide educational content when I make a post because that’s what draws people in. People love to learn. Every time you post ask yourself, what information am I providing? Is it valuable?

Once you start to curate your content, then you will attract quality followers who believe in your expertise. You build trust within your community and become an authority figure. In the e-book, I also speak to what’s needed on your page in order to fully optimize your account.

Cracking Instagram requires many things, but it’s simple once you have the methodology. The key to growing your following is consistency, valuable content, and trust. That’s it. I believe anyone can grow their brand on Instagram and generate another source of income for themselves. You just have to take the first step!

Entrepreneur Ariel Adams is the dynamic 26-year-old social media guru who uses her online presence to encourage financial literacy. Known as ‘The Money Realtor’, this Virginia-based businesswoman launched a 37-page e-book From Instagram to Instant Money that outlines how to optimize Instagram in order to grow a following and sell a product or service. She writes in depth her tested strategies to build one’s brand and monetize Instagram. It only took 30 days for the guidebook to generate $40,000 in revenue through social media sales alone. You can follow Ariel on Instagram and download her new course Selling From Scratch at 75% off here.


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